COVID-19 Safety Precautions

During this time, our number one priority is keeping a clean and safe environment for both our customers and employees. We ask that everyone does his or her part to help keep others safe and follow the guidelines put in place by the CDC and Governor Whitmer. 

We are taking extra safety precautions on our farm to help limit the spread of germs and aid in keeping our customers and employees safe during this pandemic.  

What we are doing:

  • Upon arrival to work we will perform daily temperature checks on all employees.  Temperatures and health status will be documented each day.

  • All employees will be required to wear face masks or shields at work.

  • All employees will continue to perform regular hand washing.

  • Hand sanitizer will be used by employees between customer interactions. 

  • Surfaces will be regularly cleaned and sanitized. 

  • Bathrooms have been renovated and now include many no-contact features.

  • U-Pick will now be done with only one visit to our registers.

    • We will not be using our normal reusable buckets because we would not able to keep up with properly sanitizing them between uses to meet the new COVID-19 standards. 

    • You will now have the option to purchase a brand new 1-gallon bucket (holds 6 lbs.) for $17 or a 1/2-gallon bucket (holds 3 lbs.) for $9.  Once purchased, you are free to pick as much as your bucket will hold and take your berries home directly in that bucket. This will reduce the amount of time standing in line and contact between our customers and employees. 

    • Brand new ropes and lids are available for $1 each to add to your bucket.  

    • As always, we do not allow you to pick into your own containers.  This is a safety precaution as well as a way for us to monitor stealing in our fields which has been an issue recently. We will be monitoring the field to enforce this rule. 

  • All-Read​y Picked will only be available in our pre-packaged sizes (10 lb., 5 lb.,  2 lb., and pint).

  • We are now offering curbside pick-up for All-Ready Picked berries paid for in advance. 

    • Call in and pay by credit card ​to reserve your berries. 

    • Park in one of our designated curbside pick-up spots and have your order brought directly to your vehicle. 

  • Our picnic area and concessions will be closed this season.​

  • Our corn roast weekends are cancelled for this season as well.